Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Life Shift has a new home!

My Life Shift has moved to its very own website! Please point your browser to:

If you're a subscriber, you don't need to re-subscribe to keep getting updates from the new site. However, if you haven't subscribed yet, please do so in the above website.

Please bear with me while I transition the site. I realize some pages might look awful and some links may have been lost. I'll be fixing these in the next few days.

I must say that Caroline Middlebrook's Ebook, "How to develop money-making niche sites with WordPress" made the process of setting up the website really pain-free. It only took me a couple of hours. Thank you, Caroline! The only downside is that Caroline recommends an FTP software for PC, while I'm using a Mac. But no problem, I quickly found ClassicFTP, a free software for Macs and figured out myself how to use it. (That's how easy it is to use Macs!)

I hope you like my new "home on the Web". Do drop by and give me some feedback -- both positive and negative comments are most welcome!

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