Saturday, January 19, 2008

NEW: E-mail subscription to My Life Shift

Thanks to my friends, Viviane and Veronica, I just now learned how to enable you, my readers, to subscribe to my blog posts.

I've signed up with Feedblitz. Now, by entering your email address in the subscription form on the right, you can receive all news posts on My Life Shift through your email. My account is a free one, so the updates will have ads. I hope that will change in the future.

I hope you will subscribe!

Drawing: "kev1,kev1, come in" by Rubyran

There's a lot of technical stuff to learn when one blogs or runs a website. This is what's been taking me a lot of time to learn. And I thought I was a savvy Internet user! The Help section of blogger has been very helpful. So have a lot of blogs about bloggers.

It's all part of the "life shifting" adventure. I'm happy to learn something new every day.

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